In this podcast I interview Zohar from Israel who shares her deep insights to the current transitions in world consciousness.

My friend Shai Perelson joins the conversation.

Topics include:

* What happens when are friends and family are on a different path or seem to be living in a complete different reality.

* Advice for people whose loved ones are taking the jab in the arm.

* How do we handle restrictions being placed on us if we don’t take the jab in the arm.

* Why are some spiritual teachers seemingly unaware of certain agendas.

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About Zohar

Zohar is a researcher of the human experience. She is a teacher, healer and channeler and founder of the School for Esoteric Studies in Israel.


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About Shai Perelson

Shai was born and raised in Israel. He is a lifelong student of Yoga and Vedic science and philosophy as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He has a very eclectic interest in many spiritual traditions, teachers and guides and take pleasure in integrating all these sources of knowledge into his life and spiritual path.