This fall I decided I really wanted to create a good collection of tree photographs. My goal was to create a 24 image blog post of fall trees. I went on about 9 or 10 shoots over a period of 2 weeks. I ended up taking close to a 1,000 images and I was able to get 24 images that I was pleased with.

I realized more than ever that to get good photographs I also have to take bad or average or almost good photographs. They all lead to the “good ones”. Some photographers are more economical than me and some less but all of us photographers have to take a lot of poor or less than perfect images to get the good ones.

And so life is like that, we have to try many things, sometimes go down roads that seem to be pointless to get to where we want to be. So whatever you are striving towards, keep going, keep chipping away, keep trying and experimenting. Something beautiful is sure to come out of it.

Autumn Trees

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