In this video I interview Steve Briggs, yogi and author of India Mirror of Truth, A Seven Year Pilgrimage, a memoir about his time in India.

This interview includes:

▶︎ Steve’s extraordinary encounters with Indian holy men.

▶︎ His reflections on the current world situation, pandemic, politics etc.

▶︎ The importance of breath

▶︎ Steve’s personal connection with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

▶︎ The importance of gratitude and passion for success in life

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About Steve Briggs

As a teenager, Steve Briggs met his guru at a meditation retreat in the Swiss Alps. After studying English Literature at the University of Arizona on an athletic scholarship, the author received an MBA and a Ph.D. in Vedic Studies, and traveled internationally instructing thousands in the art of meditation.

Sent to India by his guru, the author embarked on a seven-year odyssey taking him from Cape Comorin in the south to the high Tibetan plateau. Along the way, he initiated India’s government and corporate leaders into meditation, encountered saints and sadhus, and astrologers and artists. He sipped yak butter tea with lamas at windswept Tibetan monasteries and hiked the paths of Vedic India’s time-honored pilgrimages.