In this podcast I talk with Mar Michelle Hausler who gave up a highly successful finance trading career to explore true meaning and value in life. Her journey included creating an alternative local currency in a Brazilian community to becoming a coach for empowering women to live meaning and purpose in their lives.

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About Mar Michelle Hausler

Mar Michelle Hausler is the founder of the Aligned Money Methodology and the creator of the Inkiri social currency. After having spent 5 years as a successful London Financial Trader and completing her Masters in Economics for Transition at Schumacher College in the U.K., she felt the need to bring about a new way for people to relate to money and connect to their passion, life purpose and personal wellbeing. To achieve this, she created the Me, Myself & Money course and the Aligned Money coaching methodology that has since 2016 reached thousands of people. After the birth of her son, she focused her work on empowering women to align purpose and money. She does this through a Women’s Group Coaching program, “Power, Purpose & Prosperity”, to transform their relationship with money, to launch their soul business and to make money from what they love to do.



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