In this video I interview Amy “Higher Heart”. Amy is a shamanic healer and coach. She explains what shamanism is and how shamanic healing works.

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About Amy

I started my journey as a child — dancing with angels and running with the spirits of the land. Those deep connections stayed with me throughout my life as I continue this sacred dance of being in the body. I heard a calling to shamanism in my early twenties despite not knowing anything about it — I began my apprenticeship in 2015. Through this process I have deepened my relationship with all Creation, and it is my passion to share that with others.

Every day I am learning, expanding, expressing more clearly and I want to share this gift of luminous living with everyone. Through the healing of nature, introspection, blessings from Spirit and dedication, we are able to re-frame our stories that once kept us small. We see with our hearts and look to a new vision for our future.

I believe in showing others the way to empowerment, sovereignty and strength — this is the way we heal ourselves, together. Shamanic practice is critical to our complex and challenging times, to see holistically, drawing on Earth connection to create a more authentic, healthy way of being. From this wounded culture, rises the ones who are capable of healing it, and I work to help rise the One in you!

My intention is to always offer compassionate healing assistance. I welcome all beings, as they are, to work with me — no matter where they are in their spiritual quest. Just starting out or deeply awakened, I am joyful to work with you to remember your wholeness.

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