In this video, I am in conversation with Nayalla Lund, Soul Coach and channel of Divine and Ancient Soul Wisdom. Nayalla shares about her journey through the difficulty of child traumas and unhealthy relationships to her spiritual awakening and healing. Nayalla’s story is one of courage and resilience that sensitive souls and empaths will relate to. #awakening #healing

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About Nayalla

Nayalla is a Natural Motivator, Creative, poet ,Intuitive and channel of Divine and Ancient Soul Wisdom. As a Soul Coach, Nayalla guides people back to their true selves through energy healing and spiritual mentoring and guidance. Passionate to help others reconnect with and remember who they truly are Nayalla moved into her Soul Mission as a Coach and Guide.

Showing through her own transformation what is possible and how to turn the mess into magic! Nayalla Loves to empower others and enjoys seeing transformation through her available work. Nayalla believes in giving others the tools to help themselves and shares everything she knows and learns that will benefit others. A full believer that it is possible to tap into the Souls inner knowing and blueprint which then can lead to profound healing, unlocking of full potential and new found confidence,as well as true happiness and peace of mind.