Sarah is a guardian of the organic timelines of angelic humanity. She has deep insights into the human experience and understanding the current transformation in human consciousness taking place on earth. In this live Q and A recorded on June 20th, 2024, Sarah takes questions from me and also from the audience.

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About Sarah

I am about to turn 33. In the time it would have taken me to receive a PhD in clinical psychology, I have journeyed to both the heights & the depths of multidimensional consciousness from within my own being. Through these experiences, I have gained profound insight into the quantum mechanics that naturally govern our experience of reality, which has radically altered the way I experience & navigate my life & relationships. My experiences also revealed to me the layers upon layers of false matrices & reality distortion that have been implanted within the collective human race & planetary body. I have decoded inverted systems of intergalactic warfare. I have tasted the eternal mystery of the Divine. I have walked through the flames of death & resurrection as led by Yeshua the Christ. And, perhaps most importantly, I have found the antidote to the seemingly endless internal pain I suffered from not too many years ago: the sound of my own voice in communication with itself as Love.



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