In this video I interview Virginia Warren, lawyer and co-founder of Lawyers for Love. We discuss a new paradigm for practicing law based on love rather than conflict.

About Virginia

During her experiences as a lawyer and conflict alchemist, Virginia Warren has discovered that the legal system underpinning the governance of our world is flawed. She shows us that the laws we have created are fear based, which not only means that humanity is governed by fear, but at a core level, our legal system’s purpose contradicts the universal law of oneness.

In reminding us of a fundamental truth which says, fear-based conflicts cannot be resolved with a fear-based system, she guides us toward the necessity to resolve those conflicts from a different, higher perspective.

As a result, she has co-created an organization called Lawyers for Love who have envisioned an entirely alternate platform from the legal system as we presently know it for resolving conflict and for governing human relationship. This platform reveals that the only way humanity can dissolve conflict and move forward together in harmony, is by remembering that love consciousness is at the foundation of all relationships.

Lawyers for Love have developed methods for bringing in higher consciousness solutions and are using love as the essence of humanity’s decision-making powers moving forward.

Book: Let’s Kiss All the Lawyers…