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Soul Family Chat is a platform for bringing together like minded and like hearted people that are leading the way in creating a new consciousness on earth.

Soul Family Chat is:

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Virtual sacred circles.

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Soul Family Chat is for those who are aligning themselves with Nature.


Guy Harvey

Guy is an early indigo, born in 1960 in England. Early indigos were light workers who paved the path for the arrival of a younger generation of lightworkers and wayshowers.

Guy learned Transcendental Meditation when he was 21 years old and went to Maharishi International University when he was 27.

He participated in some of the largest group meditations ever held on earth.

He joined Maharishi’s Mahesh Yogi’s inner circle of western monks and lived in ashrams in Canada and the UK for nearly a decade.

His personal awakening began in earnest after going through an intense period of losses and destruction, including getting divorced, losing all his money, and the death of his brother.

He witnessed the final rites and cremation of his beloved teacher Maharishi, on the banks of the Ganges in 2008.

During this time he learned how to connect with Divine Mother and other Ascended Masters under the direction of Connie Huebner and received his certification in Divine Mother Energy Healing.

Recently he has left behind all spiritual practices and techniques.

He has lived in the peace creating community of Fairfield, Iowa for over 20 years.

Soul Family Chat

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