In this video I interview filmmakers Mathew J. Morreale and Ana Lucia Alves from their eco-village home in Tulum, Mexico. Mathew and Ana are the founders of Cine Tribe, a community for filmmakers.

Topics include:

* A new vision for cinema and why it’s needed

* Cine Tribe, a community for filmmakers

* Cine Tribe Eco-village in Tulum, Mexico

* Vedic living in accord with nature

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About Mathew Morreale and Ana Lucia Alves

Matthew J. Morreale (Director/Writer) and Ana Lucia Alves (Producer/Actor) are the hearts and minds behind Yoga-Maya-Entertainment’s vision for the future of cinema. Ana Lucia left Brazil at 18 to travel the world as a top model. Some time later, following her true calling, she studied acting and produced documentaries and short films.

She’s now running both, Ciné Tribe and The Vedic Times Org, as well as teaching Chanting Yoga and hosting the video podcast series, ‘Reclaim Your Mind’. Matthew was born in Mississippi and raised in England. He spent many years living and traveling in Europe, soaking up the culture, playing music and writing poetry.

Then, with the gravitational pull of a black hole, cinema devoured him. Check out his ‘Cinema and the Psyche Podcast’. He’s also leading Yoga Maya Films and Ciné Tribe’s Global Mastermind.

Main websites:

Cine Tribe Club and its Media Studio @​ &

Yoga Maya Entertainment @

The Vedic Times Org @


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